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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Protect your beauty from pollution : Wrapping scarf

Wrapping your face with scarf?
How many of you wrap your face with your scarf?

Let’s discuss how important it happened to wrap your face with scarf these days.
I see many girls around Hyderabad, few in Delhi/Bangalore, almost none in Chennai/Kerala wrapping the scarf around their face. With this you can understand the climatic condition and pollution levels in the respective cities. Even I prefer wearing this when I use public transportation/ my scooty.

Religions such as Judaism, Islam promote modest dress code among women and use it during prayers. Regardless of season, today, the scarf is on a similar level with statement jewelry . It was said that, the Scarf has roots in Rome and is used to help people keep clean.

Now let’s discuss, why someone wants to wrap their face with scarf? Here come the uses:
  • ·         Of course you can see most 2wheeler driving girls wear this, irrespective of age.  Definitely to protect them from the smoke and air pollution.
  • ·         Another purpose is to avoid the skin getting tanned. Yeah along with socks, gloves, scarf is also considered as a protection tool from tan.
  • ·         Girls, who get makeup at home and want to protect it, will be wrapping the scarf. Let’s say this is done by college going girls.
  • ·         For safety? Yeah, all beautiful ladies it is a better option to hide the face under scarf so that we are not seen by some unwanted anonymous people. Just like celebrities do ;)
  • ·         For anonymity. Yeah its sometimes used to keep us anonymous.
  • ·         Reduce hair-fall. Yeah people wear a scarf under helmet assuming helmet wearing may lead to hair loss and thus scarf wearing avoids this.
  • ·         Protect us from climatic conditions let it be hot summer or chilling winter.
Con’s: Don’t think cons are just disadvantages of wearing scarf.. These can be considered as Do not’s and precautions:
  • ·         Do you have sensitive skin? Avoid wrapping your face with scarf. This may lead to skin rashes if you wear it for long time.
  • ·         Are you going out for a lesser distance? Avoid scarf, enjoy the natural air.
  • ·         Are you a teenager/ have acne/ pimples? Avoid scarf as this will not allow your sweat to evaporate, in return more acne.
  • ·         Summers? Scarfs are boon to a protect us from that Hot sun during summer. But make sure you remove it in equal intervals and allow your sweat to get evaporated. The more sweat you hide under scarf the more breakouts you are going to face.
  • ·         Never ever wrap your face after applying sunscreen/ any other lotion. This makes your skin to boil kind of thing, under the scarf leading to opening pores, accumulating dirt and result to bad acne.
  • ·         Always stick on to the cotton scarfs. Avoid nylon, silk other types to cover your face.
  • ·         Washing regularly for every use is a must thing. Wearing a clean scarf is always important.
Price of Scarves: Minimum Rs.50/-  (you get these 50 ones in local markets ;) )

Yeah, these 50 bucks ones just serve the purpose. Still fine for the price. And there are expensive ones too till some thousands. Grab some when you shop matching to your dresses. Ofcourse these are the latest style symbol too. 

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