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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ganesha Kolam

Health and Kolam
Not to be underestimated is the benefits for the artist to bend down each morning - it is said to help her digestive system, reproductive organs and to help overall stretching of the body. Kolam requires the artist to be well focussed and improves the concentration with which the artist begins her day.
It used to be a matter of pride to be able to draw large complicated patterns without lifting the hand off the floor (or unbending to stand up). The month of "Margazhi" was eagerly awaited by young women, who would then showcase their skills by covering the entire width of the road with one big kolam. It was indeed a test of mastery, as one cannot repeat a pattern for 30 days.

When people get married, the ritual kolam patterns created for the occasion can stretch all the way down the street. Patterns are often passed on generation to generation, mother to daughter.
Kolam is not so flamboyant as its other Indian contemporary, Rangoli, which is extremely colorful. However, the beauty of a kolam, bordered with blood-red "kaavi" (red brick paste) is also considered exceptional.

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